'Not Today' Armed Church Security Training
Are you part of a church security team?

The Impact Shooting Center 'Not Today' Church Security Training is a one day course that is ideal for a group, team or individual that is part of a church security group.  Unfortunately in this day and age, the need for security at church is rising.  Many of the church teams are volunteer positions that offer little to no training.  This course is designed to discuss the important details that pertain to protecting your house of worship.  This course, led by Shane Cardwell (former church security team director) will discuss the advantages of having a team, emergency operating plans, areas to secure  inside the church, active shooter, shooting fundamentals and more in the classroom. 

The students will then take the training to the range.  In typical church attire and gear, students will practice drawing from their holster and manipulating their gear, proper grip, trigger control, reloading techniques, strong/weak hand shooting, as well as a graded qualification that the students' organization can keep on file.  

As with all courses at Impact Shooting Center, we strive to promote a friendly and professional environment that puts the new shooter at ease. This course includes lectures, demonstrations, and practical application drills. Students that complete the course will have a basic proficiency in firearms safety, marksmanship fundamentals, a combined knowledge of their personal capabilities with their equipment and systematic training methods for future progression.

Price: $150
Equipment Required:
   Holster (no soft sided holsters please)
   2 + Magazines
   500 Rounds of ammo

*Students will receive an email after checkout with a detailed list of equipment.

Prerequisites: None

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