Folding Defensive Knife
Folding Defensive Knife
Want to become more proficient with your folding knife?

Impact Shooting Center's Folding Defensive Knife Course is a four hour workshop that introduces the student to using a folding knife for defense.  Students will receive individual instruction and direct feedback from our experienced instructor.  This course will be led by Tim Chin, long-time police officer in Hamilton County as well as part of a multi-jurisdictional S.W.A.T team since 1993.  Tim has trained extensively in knife defense, home defense, room clearing, shotgun and much more.

In this course you will learn:
- Ohio law as it pertains to deadly force
- Ohio Open Carry Law
- Graham v Connor and how it applies to a civilian
- Knife Deployment
- Knife opening (1 hand and 2 hand)
- Folder as an impact weapon 
- Cutting angles
- Partner drills with training knife
- Firearm weapon retention

This course leverages both classroom instruction, demonstrations, and hands on practice.

Price: $75
Equipment Required:
   Eye Protection
   Comfortable Clothing
   Handgun (no ammo)
   Holster for Handgun
   Training Folders will be provided
  Prerequisites: None​​​​​​​

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