Home Defense Course
Home Defense Course

Impact Shooting Center's Home Defense Course will be composed of both classroom presentations as well as Airsoft 'force on force' scenario training.  Led by seasoned instructor, current police officer and S.W.A.T. team member, Tim Chin.

This course leverages both classroom instruction and "reality based scenario training".

In this course, students will learn:
In classroom-
 - Elements of deadly force
 - Graham v Connor and how it applies to civilians
 - Ohio law as it pertains to Castle Doctrine
 - Burglary/home invasion statistics
 - Home carry, staging and storing firearm
 - Things to think about when you are alone versus with family or others in the home
 - Equipment considerations
In shoot house:
-Airsoft scenarios

Price: $150
Equipment Required:
   Eye Protection/Safety Glasses
Prerequisites: None​​​​​​​

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