Advanced Accuracy & Speed

Think it's time to progress to the next level?

The Impact Shooting Center's Advanced Accuracy & Speed course is a full day of pistol shooting led by seasoned instructors will significantly sharpen student gun handling, speed, and accuracy.  This course will continue to enforce the fundamentals- grip, aim, trigger control, hold control, and follow through.  This course will push the limits on speed while maintaining a high level of accuracy.  Speed without consistency and accuracy is failure.

As with all courses at Impact Shooting Center, we strive to promote a friendly and professional environment that puts the shooter at ease. This course includes lectures, demonstrations, and practical application shooting. Students that complete the course will have a basic proficiency in firearms safety, marksmanship fundamentals, a combined knowledge of their personal capabilities with their equipment and systematic training methods for future progression.

Price: $200
Equipment Required:
   Holster (no soft sided holsters please)
   2 + Magazines
   600 Rounds of ammo
Prerequisites: A basic understanding of your firearm

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