Emergency Medicine 
Emergency Medicine Course

Looking to supplement your firearm skills with lifesaving skills?

Those of us working with and around firearms and/or edged weapons are at increased risk of encountering an individual with a life threatening injury...or have one ourselves.  As such, we should all have a fundamental understanding of life saving actions which must be taken in the first minutes following an injury, prior to the arrival of emergency services.

This course focuses on the development of the skills, techniques, and attitudes needed to successfully perform life saving measures in an emergency. Identify various types of traumatic injuries and the appropriate treatment of each. Demonstrate the use direct pressure, pressure points, hemostatic agents, and tourniquets to control bleeding. Determine if the airway is clear and demonstrate appropriate measures to clear an obstructed airway. Describe the necessity of preventing hypothermia and demonstrate passive warming techniques. Identify appropriate positioning of a patient to avoid shock and/or airway compromise. Describe the signs and symptoms of a sucking chest wound and appropriate steps to relieve it. Develop an awareness and appreciation of the dangers and responsibilities associated with the use of firearms and edged weapons.

This course leverages both classroom instruction, demonstrations, and hands on practice of critical lifesaving skills.  

Price: $150
Equipment Required:
   Notepad and Pen
   IFAK/trauma kit for reference (optional)
Prerequisites: None​​​​​​​

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