IMPACT Essential Pistol

The IMPACT Essential Pistol course is a two day course that introduces the student to safe weapons handling and establishes a foundation of fundamental pistol skills. Students will receive individual instruction and direct feedback from our experienced instructors on their progress throughout the course. Students will gain experience, confidence, and an increased proficiency with the pistol.

As with all courses at Impact Shooting Center, we strive to promote a friendly and professional environment that puts both the new and experienced shooters at ease. This course includes lectures, demonstrations, and practical application drills. Students that complete the course will have a basic proficiency in firearms safety, proper grip, trigger manipulation/control, drawing from a holster, reload techniques, modes of practice, target transitions, shooting on the move, moving while shooting, mini match, and a chance to shoot the Impact Standard for a hat patch.  Students will gain a combined knowledge of their personal capabilities with their equipment and systematic training methods for future progression.


Price: $400
Equipment Required:
   Holster (no soft sided holsters please)
   2 + Magazines
   1000 Rounds of ammo
Prerequisites: None

Arrival Time: 8:30am
Start Time: 9:00am

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