Red Dot Workshop

Do you want to become more comfortable with your red dot optic?

In this 4 hour workshop, we will focus on mechanical hold over/under issues, Point of Aim/Point of Impact zeroing, and general issues related to minimizing “chasing the dot". Many shooters will be making the switch to red dots as technology becomes more and more mainstream, and we are excited to provide students with valid shortcuts for transitioning from iron sights to RMR’s.

As with all courses at Impact Shooting Center, we strive to promote a friendly and professional environment that puts the shooter at ease. This course includes lectures, demonstrations, and practical application drills.

Price: $100
Equipment Required:
   Pistol with optic
   Holster (no soft sided holsters please)
   2 + Magazines
   300 Rounds of ammo
Prerequisites: None​​​​​​​

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